Bag Central Station

As City Councils throughout Arizona slowly but surely address the issue of whether to place a tax on plastic bags or ban them entirely, the Grocery Industry proposes another solution... education. While plastic bags are recyclable they can not be collected through traditional collection methods. Plastic bags must be separated from other recycled materials, a problem that most Arizona residents are unaware of as they continue to put their used plastic bags in the recycling container at the curb. This practice causes damage to processing equipment, problems in processing quality and reductions in the market value of recycled materials.

In November of 2007, the Arizona Food Marketing Alliance launched a campaign to address the issue of recycling plastic bags and created Bag Central Station. This pro-active program continues to provide consumers with a choice when they shop at their local grocery store (Paper, Plastic or a Re-useable Bag).

If plastic is still your choice for getting your groceries home, consider reusing those plastic bags around the house for garbage can liners, to pick up pet waste or to carry those wet swim suits. ALWAYS take your left over plastic bags back to the grocery store and put them in the Bag Central Station recycle bin located near the entrance. Remember... Don't be a litter bug... Reduce... Reuse... Recycle!

For more information on recycling plastic bags or the Bag Central Station Program, contact Debbie Roth at the Arizona Food Marketing Alliance. 602.252.9761 or